Micron lighting introduces the new 2015 collection of design led lighting.

The focus of MICRON ’s new models ARE innovation, originality and LED tech out of this generation.

MICRON’s new range combine function and exquisite style merging Italian design to energy saving solutions.

MICRON new catalogue M15 presents new design trends with efficiency through the use of high performance LEDS for all and any interior lighting application.

Volo is a new family of suspended led luminaires with a impressive linear shape creating an immaginable movement.

Swing is a led lighting collection fascinating to the eye because of its special soft intersecting curves.

The NewMox collection expand with the latest trendy version of floor lamp all black with LED touch dimmer and with the brand new recessed spot light and ceiling and hanging models up to three lights increased on LED 16W power

Capri design reflects and is the key to Italian design combing a LED soul with artistry blown glass. Capri: Art lighting in led efficiency


— Led freedom —

Volo is not just a suspended led light but an original concept.

Its lines and original shape is exclusive. Volo has been designed giving special attention to its soft curves and light effects. VOLO design follows the lines of the wings of a seagull in flight, making Volo a 24W power per wing a led fixture of modern times but in the same moment evocative. Volo is an indoor skyline combining visual comfort on LED wings and graphic design on its profile as well. For all the modern dreamers which love design with minimalism which haven't stopped their search for nature and history daily. With the Volo led lights every room and any space will be infinitely illuminated.


— Surfing with light —

The Swing is a suspended led fixture fascinating for its soft lines,

its sharp but smoothed shape creates an alluring imaginary wave effect where ever placed either in the comfort of your home or a busy office space. The soft but powerful led light shines brightly from all angles due to the dynamic wave design. Its beauty was inspired by the magical city of Venice with its different colours seen from the water reflected in the early morning sunrise. For many of you who like to surf the waves of life Swing Micron definitely is the light for you.


— Italian ledzend —

NewMox is a led lamp with a strong personality due to its unique design, a visually striking profile designed to house a bright star of LEDs.

The iconic element of the lamp, the illuminated head recall a modern elongated three lobed leaf. On NewMox floor lamp the touch dimmer allows with a single touch of the arc switch to turn the light on – off. Further it is easy to regulate and to adjust the light intensity, with just a touch of a finger gradually the light will change its intensity brightness.

                                                                 The raster printed over the LED shield emphasize the urban graphic beauty of NewMox design.

     This range of lamps includes now the latest recessed model and the hanging lamps with 16W LED power.

     NewMox family is a complete led design family for any application wall, ceiling, hanging, standing, desk.


— Art Lighting in Led efficiency —

Capri at first glance seems very stylish.

Capri design lamp by MICRON bridge elegance of blown glass with the latest LED tech and merges all into a very special timeless design mixing the classic and the new-eclectic. The cone shaped glass diffuser highlights the reflects going out of the lamp heart. The LED light up to 21W originates by the acrylic lense nestled in the metal block. The blown glass is available all clear or with a satin finished band for a more diffused light effect.

Capri collection covers enough to add charm to your modern home or office satisfying even the needs of the art lovers.


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